Find or host a screening of The Long Night in a local commercial theater through

How this works:

In the map below, type in your city to see if there is a screening scheduled near you. If not, create your own.

The screening happens when it "Tips," meaning enough tickets have sold. Become a champion of the screening. Spread the word on social media, encourage your friends and family by email, text, and voice. 

Customize a screening with post-screening Q&A, a fundraiser, invite the director, build an expert panel, or other means of audience engagement. Just add this to your request. 

We want you to make the most of this film. Use it to create awareness, advocacy, and change in your community!

If you find a screening:

  • click on the venue
  • buy a ticket
  • share the event on social media with your community
  • when the screening "Tips" you will be notified that the screening will happen. 
  • if it doesn't Tip, your ticket will be refunded.
  • print your ticket
  • take your ticket with you to the theater (the theater will not have your purchase on file and you cannot buy a ticket at the door).
  • What is Gathr?

If you don't find a scheduled screening, request your own:

  • click the green "Gathr It - Request a Screening" button
  • choose a theater near you
  • choose a time
  • fill in the information
  • you are now the "Captain" of the screening. spread the word on your socials, by email, phone, and in person. build community interest!

To help you build an event, we've created a Screening Toolkit with information, how-to's, sample social media posts, and links to press materials.

Download it here.