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• Think about YOUR sphere of influence and where the root causes of vulnerability and exploitation may (or may not) be visible.

• From this context, share and comment on our posts, re-tweet our tweets, but most importantly, participate with your voice!

• Share with your friends, family, your local officials (think mayor, police chief, PTA, PEPS).

Host a screening.

• Find and donate money or supplies to a local victim services organization. Socks? Underwear? Bedding? Meals?

• Teach your daughters to have self-esteem and self-worth.

• Teach your sons how to treat women and girls with respect.

The film The Long Night is part of the documentary and community engagement project Leaving the Life, founded by visual journalist and filmmaker Tim Matsui. This is where the real change happens. 



Leaving the Life is a multi-platform initiative to facilitate a collective action-oriented dialog around the crisis of commercial sexual exploitation of children in the U.S. We are doing this through a unique engagement program leveraging technology, storytelling, participatory media, and community co-design.

We are working with local partners to provide audiences the opportunity to be more than content consumers, to become change-agents themselves.

To learn more about how you can participate, please visit Leaving the Life at:

Website: Leaving-the-Life.com

Facebook: facebook.com/leavingthelife

Twitter: @leavingthelife



Filmed with journalistic ethics and integrity, The Long Night shows the lives of its subjects unfold literally before the camera. The film is more than entertainment, it is a broad audience outreach tool. The film is challenging, emotional, and informative.

The film is available for theatrical screenings through our partnership with Gathr.us, giving you the opportunity to watch the film in a theater in your hometown. Check this page to see if a screening is happening, buy a ticket and tell your friends! If there isn't a screening yet, create one and share with your community. When minimum ticket sales are met, the event happens.

You can also host a home-screening by purchasing a DVD or BluRay. We're also offering Public Performance Rights, so if you're with a school, NGO, local government, law enforcement agency, or faith community, you'll find licenses on this page.

If you're looking for something more custom, be it a panel discussion, Q&A with the director, or something else, send us a message.

Tell us where you are and who we can partner with to bring the film to your town. Then, visit our engagement platform, Leaving the Life, to learn more. 

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