Today, many people stream content online but we realized that many, especially organizations, want physical media to share the film with their community. 

In the summer of 2015, film director Tim Matsui ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, enabling us to create DVD's, BluRay discs, and new poster art for the film.

We are now self-distributing the film. You can buy a copy of The Long Night for personal use (consumer) or your library's collection (educational/institutional library) below. For exhibition of the film, please fill our Request a Screening form and we'll be in touch!

Which version is best for you?

  • Consumer/Home
    If you want to share the film with family and friends through living room screenings, you do not need Public Performance Rights (PPR). Purchase a consumer copy below and have a movie night at home.

  • Educational/Public Library Acquisitions
    Public and non-profit library collections can acquire copies (for individual lending only) via the store below. Includes 5-year license. Discounts are available, including for bulk orders; please get in touch for more info!

  • Public or Community Screening
    If you represent a college, university, non-profit, or corporation and want to share the film with your student body, community, employees, or otherwise, you too will need to Request a Screening that includes Public Performance Rights (PPR). 
  • Institutional Training
    If you are a government agency, non-profit, hospital, or other organization and want to use the film as a long-term training tool, or for ongoing community workshops, please get in touch to purchase a special Extended PPR copy of the film.